Friday, 7 May 2010

Steadman recalled the first time he met Hunter S Thompson:

" i had turned around and two fierce eyes, firmly socketed inside a
bullet-shaped head, were staring at a strange grown i was nurturing on the end
of my chin. 'Holy shit!' he [Thompson] exclaimed. 'They said i was looking for a
matted-haired geek with string warts and i guess i've found him.'[...] This man
had an impressive head chiselled from one piece of bone, and the top part was
covered down to his eyes by a floppy-brimmed sun hat. His top half was draped in
a loose-fitting hunting jacket of multi-coloured patchwork. He wore seersucker
blue pants, and the whole torso was pivoted on a pair of huge white plimsolls
with a fine red trim around the bulkheads. Damn near 6-ft-6 of solid bone and
meat holding a beaten-up leatehr bag across his knee and a loaded cigarette
holder between the arthritic fingers of his other hand."

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  1. Did not know what seersucker pants were! so i did a cheeky google search for build up imagery of Hunter's style